Quick Update and Renewed Commitment

Wow, nearly a year has gone by since my last post. In that time I have been building some prototypes, acquiring tools and refining processes as well as completing one of the most complex projects yet. Supply of parts has been difficult over the past year. Shimano and SRAM are backed up, tubing suppliers are … Continue reading Quick Update and Renewed Commitment

2020 Update!

Well, what a year! My day job has been crazy busy and I have had to re-work parts of our home so my wife and I could work from home full time. I'm very thankful that my employer has been a leader in enabling employees to manage their time and schedule to stay safe while … Continue reading 2020 Update!

Wow, That went fast.

Here I am on the 30th of December, 2019 and realizing I haven't kept up as I had planned.  The Summer and Fall flew by.  If I wasn't working, I was watching baseball or working on our basement remodel.  In between all of that, I was able to deliver the track bike.  It was a … Continue reading Wow, That went fast.

I can’t believe Q1 taxes are due!?

Things are going well here at Draper Cycles.  The shop has started to warm up so I can get back to work on a more regular schedule. If you go back a year, you'll see it's baseball season so, that's taking a lot of time. I'm nearly done with the track bike which is good … Continue reading I can’t believe Q1 taxes are due!?


The kids MTB is off to paint early next week.  It's going to get a white powder coat finish which we'll paint some red accents on and then apply decals.  The forks need re-assembly and then we'll put it all together.  I look forward to seeing him rip around the neighborhood on it! The track … Continue reading Updates…Finally…

Special Track Bike Project

As I mentioned in my prior post, I am super excited about this upcoming project with some special tubes from way back in the day. The story starts back in the 70's with 2 brothers.  Jeff and Jerry bought a few sets of Columbus tubing with the intent of making themselves each a track bike … Continue reading Special Track Bike Project

Ugh..I hate vacations…

We got back from vacation in early September and we have all finally recovered.  I should be careful here.  I'm very fortunate to have had a month to spend Europe traveling with my wife and our boys.  We were in London, York, Edinburgh and Glasgow and then over to Helsinki and Turku to visit family.  … Continue reading Ugh..I hate vacations…

Quick update on the kid’s MTB!

One of the best parts of framebuilding is designing a bike for someone who isn't served by the mainstream market.  As you can imagine, this means designing bikes for riders on the outer edges of the bell curve - kids, people with physical limitations like flexibility or imbalance issues and then of course the Clydesdales.  … Continue reading Quick update on the kid’s MTB!

July Update

The client finalized all the decisions for the 650b disc commuter so, that was finished up and sent off to Seattle Powdercoating to be powder coated about a week ago.  They are going with a mix of new and old components including some XTR M900 cranks, Furtado bars, SRAM 2x10 drivetrain and a SP dyno … Continue reading July Update

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