June is gone!

I can't believe how fast time is rolling past.  Baseball is winding down and there is a natural break in my projects - have just completed the last one and haven't started on the next. Well, that's not completely true.  I started the stem and seattube sleeve for the coming MTB and I am rebuilding … Continue reading June is gone!


April and May are prime baseball playing months for the younger set.  I coach our younger son.  He turns 11 next weekend and that officially signals the end of my baseball season.  The older son will play through September in various leagues and love watching. June will be spent putting the finishing touches on a … Continue reading Baseball

March is in the books

Thanks for checking in! During March, several things happen in my life.  High School baseball starts, Little League baseball starts, at work we start planning for the coming fiscal year and yardwork starts to pile up.  For me, March comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion! Luckily, most of the heavy lifting … Continue reading March is in the books

February was a busy month!

I had to take a week off to do some travel down to LA and San Diego. While I loved the weather, I was missing out on getting some work done in the shop. Quick updates: The frames are nearly complete with just the seatstays to assemble and attach. This is always the trickiest part … Continue reading February was a busy month!

Progress through January

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks here.  Lots of activities with the boys playing baseball, working on projects around the house and a ton of other things! On the JBMV track bike front, the forks are complete, aligned and headset race is faced.  From there I went on to fit the BB shell … Continue reading Progress through January

Progress through the holidays!

Through the holidays, I was able to make some pretty good progress.  The forks are complete and the crown races are cut using the lathe to make sure they are spot on.  You'll see a picture of my cutting the relief for the tire in the fork crown - a proper track bike needs to … Continue reading Progress through the holidays!

JBMV Track Bikes Update

All of the materials have come in for the junior track bikes.  Final tubing shipment came in today.    I am using a new tubing supplier - Vari-wall - for these bikes.  It makes me feel good that the tubes are 100% made in US.  I love that they write a little note on the … Continue reading JBMV Track Bikes Update

Materials start to arrive!

I received a bunch of materials for the JBMV bikes yesterday.  Fork blades, crowns and steerer tubes came in from Nova.  These bikes will have very traditional track forks with proper round blades.  The chainstays will be round and the rear fork ends are super beefy to handle a lot of gearing changes and enable … Continue reading Materials start to arrive!

Preparing for the holidays

I've been making progress on the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome track bikes but wanted to update on my last project before I dive into the track bikes. Here it is in jig getting fitted up. I will finish this project in time for holiday delivery (Merry Christmas/Late Happy Birthday!) .  The bike is a flat … Continue reading Preparing for the holidays

An exciting opportunity

I was recently asked by the great folks at Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome if I would be interested in building a new fleet of track bikes for their junior racing program. Needless to say, I was honored and immediately accepted the challenge.  Designing and building bikes that are outside of standard sizing is very rewarding.  … Continue reading An exciting opportunity

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