Christmas 2021

One of the best Christmas Eve’s I can remember. We had family dinner with just the 4 of us and then I was left to spend the evening working in the shop.

Over the past year or so, I have acquired a bunch of vintage excess materials from old time builders who are retiring or passed away. I spent the evening doing a bit of an inventory of the old lugs and crowns I have and will be putting together an offer for a very traditional lugged road frameset or complete bike. The tubing can be some vintage Reynolds 531, Ishiwata 017 or modern standard sized tubing. The frameset will be built around 28mm tires and fenders. They will be sweet riding, comfortable bikes that can do anything in on the bell curve except the extreme tails. Light gravel riding? Sure. Summer century with friends? Of Course! Spirited lunch ride with co-workers? Oh Yeah! And the bike will look awesome doing it! Geometry will be standard road sport with 73* head and seattube angles (unless you need something else) and the top tube will be horizontal (vintage lugs didn’t consider sloping top tubes!). If we are careful with component choices, it could even do an Eroica ride.

I’ll get details up on this offer and be able to have bikes ready by summer ride time!

Happy holidays everyone.

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