Wow, That went fast.

Here I am on the 30th of December, 2019 and realizing I haven’t kept up as I had planned.  The Summer and Fall flew by.  If I wasn’t working, I was watching baseball or working on our basement remodel.  In between all of that, I was able to deliver the track bike.  It was a bit late in the season for racing so I am looking forward to seeing it out at the track next spring!

I also did a bit of prototyping work and tool and fixture making as well as some shop re-organization.  I now have a proper desk to do design work on as well as a small surface plate to do precision measurements on.  Below are some photos of what’s been going on.  Thanks for stopping by.

First off, the pictures of the track bike.  The color Grant chose looked great with the black components.  It looks serious but also looks really bright in the sun.  It took a bit longer than expected so, I really appreciate his patience.  I know he’s going to have a lot of great times on this bike.

After delivering this bike to the customer, I started in a few prototyping projects that I have been wanting to explore.  Here are a couple pics of that:

Finally, I started on a commuter that will use a Shimano Alfine internal geared 11speed hub in the back and an Alfine dyno hub in the front.  It’s built around 700c wheels and 40mm tires with a choice of flat or upright bars.  Fenders of course are included in the design.  It will be heading to Rhode Island once it’s completed.

Thanks for stopping by.

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