July Update

The cruiser went out for paint this afternoon. It’s going to be a really nice ivory. I think it will look great with black rack and components and some brown accents. A classy cruiser for a guy with a lot of style. I’ll post up pictures in a couple weeks before I ship it off.

The next project is a single speed messenger bike for a local lady who runs a messenger coop and wants to add a dedicated track bike to her stable. She’ll use it for local Alley Cat races and general riding and hanging out around the city. The best part is the color! I have been wanting to make a bright pink bike for a while. When we agreed on the details, we talked about components and tire sizes and all those details. Then I sent her designs and asked what color she wanted. When she said crazy bright pink, I thought she was joking! Here are the color samples she has chosen and I’m super stoked. The carbon fork and components will be black and I think it’s going to look awesome.

Picking out colors

In addition to bikes going out the door, I picked up a new 3t arbor press that needs a serious cleaning and some paint and a stand. There is always a project. I’ll post pictures of this beauty when it’s all done. That’s it for now.

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