2020 Update!

Well, what a year! My day job has been crazy busy and I have had to re-work parts of our home so my wife and I could work from home full time. I’m very thankful that my employer has been a leader in enabling employees to manage their time and schedule to stay safe while still being productive.

On top of that, we’re remodeling our home basement which has started and stopped and restarted a few times. We’re nearly done with that so, looking forward to a cool basement during the hot Seattle summer days (tomorrow is forecasted to hit 100*!!).

In other news, I have recently come across 3 sets of vintage tubing that will make a really sweet traditional road bike with lugs or a small scale bike for kids. With some chainstay manipulation for more clearance, these tubesets will make a really nice Rando bikes. The tubes are still in the protective sticky coating so, no rust. I ended up with 2 complete sets of Ishiwata 017 tubing as well as a set of 531 tubing with round chainstays and continental fork blades. I will need to do some work to find a fork crown that fits those blades. I have suitable dropouts, lugs and BB shell in my stash. Let me know if you’re interested and we can design around your needs!

I’m committing to keeping more up to date on the posts going forward so, check back in when you can!

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