July Update

The client finalized all the decisions for the 650b disc commuter so, that was finished up and sent off to Seattle Powdercoating to be powder coated about a week ago.  They are going with a mix of new and old components including some XTR M900 cranks, Furtado bars, SRAM 2×10 drivetrain and a SP dyno hub.

I picked the frame, fork and stem up from the powder coater yesterday and it looks great.  Powder generally isn’t as thin and shiny as wet paint but Seattle Powdercoat does a great job showing the details and its faster, super durable and better for the environment so, it’s what I use mostly.  If a client wants wet paint, they get wet paint.  For bikes that are going to get used a lot in all weather and tied up in public places, powder is a fine choice.

You can see the glitter in powder and it looks amazing in the sun.  With black fenders, post, headset and wheels, the shimmer of the glitter will really pop and provide some excitement.


I like how the rack tabs turned out.  They are stout as the rider will be carrying clothes, laptop and lunch back and forth to work for many years to come!


I’m pleased with how the stem came out.


Those with a history in the MTB world might recognize the Furtado bars from BITD.  These were designed for women with thinner grip area (.875″ rather than 1″) which takes special grips.  After the grip area, they bulge out to fit standard levers and other accessories.  I’m waiting for the client to drop off the headset and some other bits so I can build this up.  It will be out on the road for Obliteride next weekend!  If you want to donate to a good cause, you can donate on behalf of cancer survivors and fighters that are around you and you can assign your donation to the Helicobikers team.



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