Preparing for the holidays

I’ve been making progress on the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome track bikes but wanted to update on my last project before I dive into the track bikes.

Here it is in jig getting fitted up.


I will finish this project in time for holiday delivery (Merry Christmas/Late Happy Birthday!) .  The bike is a flat handlebar commuter for year-around commuting here in Seattle.  It is built around 650b 38mm tires and fat fenders but will handle up to a 42mm tire and even up to 700c 32mm if the need to do some CX comes up!  It is designed with full internal cable/hydraulic/wire routing, with T47 bottom bracket.  The bottom bracket is set a bit lower than typical and the trail is a bit lower than typical.  This will make it easier to put a foot down at stoplights as well as make it more steady in low speed situations like climbing Seattle’s many hills.  With clipless pedals, a lower bottom bracket just makes sense.  The narrower clipless pedals and narrow Q-factor cranks really reduce the chances of striking a pedal so, why not get back some standover room and make the bike a bit more stable?  Win-Win!

Next week, we are taking a couple days to go up and play in the snow with family and then we have a houseful of guests for Christmas.  After that it will be all hands on deck!

All of the parts for the track bikes have been ordered and should be arriving later this week.  I’ll post pictures and give details of what all is being used on these bikes.

Thanks for stopping in!  Leave a comment or questions below and the next update will be posted later this week.


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