An exciting opportunity

I was recently asked by the great folks at Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome if I would be interested in building a new fleet of track bikes for their junior racing program.

Needless to say, I was honored and immediately accepted the challenge.  Designing and building bikes that are outside of standard sizing is very rewarding.  When someone gets on a bike that fits and performs well for them for the first time in their life and gets that smile and shows that excitement – well let’s just say it is very rewarding.

I will be using this opportunity to launch my framebuilding business.  The bikes built under the Draper Cycles brand will be heavily influenced by my racing background.  They will be built for strong riders who don’t baby their bikes.  They will be light, stiff and durable to deal with the punishing rigors of racing.  We can add fenders and racks if desired but the ride will be all race bike.  The brand will cover track, road, CX/gravel and BMX bikes.  I will be predominantly using Vari-wall tubing whenever I can – it’s made in the USA and are really nice tube with a nice selection of butt profiles and sizes.

The JBMV junior bikes will be size 46 to fit kids from 8-14 years old who may have never ridden a fixed gear track bike before.  The probably haven’t ridden on 30* banking either!

Geometry will be a nice balance between nimble and stable and fit 700c wheels with pedal clearance for 165mm arms.

The challenge is that they need the bikes ready to ride by end of April.  That means a few other bikes that were in line to be built will be pushed out a few months (you know who you are and thanks for your patience!).

I’m super excited about this and will post pictures in the gallery as I go.  If you need a new track bike for the 2018 season send me a note!  Prices start at $650 for powdercoated frame and fork set.  I have 2 more slots this spring.

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