Materials start to arrive!

I received a bunch of materials for the JBMV bikes yesterday.  Fork blades, crowns and steerer tubes came in from Nova.  These bikes will have very traditional track forks with proper round blades.  The chainstays will be round and the rear fork ends are super beefy to handle a lot of gearing changes and enable really torqueing those wheels down.  The fork ends have a small 50* angle between the stays which will be perfect for these super compact frames.

Seatstays and a few other bits for stock came in from Framebuilder Supply in Portland, OR.  Love that they send a sticker with each shipment!

I’m expecting to get the main tubes tomorrow from Vari-wall – super excited to work with these new tubes.  I have some samples and they are super pretty and seem very hard and dent resistant.  I think they’ll be good for building light snappy performance bikes that can stand up to some rough handling.  And they are USA made!

Back to it!


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